Up until recently, I’ve not really been a fan of Bond films. And yes, by recently, I mean Daniel Craig. To be fair, this latest set of Bond films are nothing like the totally hammy, cliché films from the like of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but I have just never been able to sit through and concentrate on any of the Bond films previous to Daniel Craig’s incarnation of 007. When Casino Royale came out, I was a bit confused as to why it seemed like it was going back to the beginning, but it wasn’t, but I soon got swept up enough in the storyline to not really care. To me, that’s what makes a difference, is that these new films seem to have more of a plot, instead of the random mad genius on an island somewhere, determined to take over the world. The recent Bond films are more realistic, gritty and actually show the MI6 agent a little worse for wear occasionally, which in turn makes him seem more human. And nothing shows how human James Bond is more than the opening of Skyfall.

Instantly we are thrown into a fast-paced action sequence with cars and motorbikes and trains, with Bond taking extreme measures to chase down the baddy and obtain ‘The List’. The film is nothing short of amazing action sequences, fast chases and twists that will give you whiplash, and all this brought forward into the modern age of computer warfare. There are scenic shots that will take your breath away, and the rest of the film is so tense you’ll be holding it – so the key thing here is remember to breathe! The introduction of new characters into the films has been so well done, and fantastic casting particularly of Ralph Fiennes, as well as a new Q for the new times Bond is in. The real draw for this film however, is a further glimpse into the real life of the enigmatic secret agent; so cool as he lands on the back of a destroyed train carriage, simply adjusting his cufflinks; so suave as he sneaks on board the Bond girl’s ship (that is both euphemism and literal description!) Instead, bits of Bond’s history is revealed to us, showing us more James than 007, as well as hints of the future; or is it the past?

I’ll leave you to work out in your own mind what is going on –I thoroughly recommend going to see this film, even if you’ve not been a fan of previous Bonds. The great thing about this series of films is that you don’t really need to see the others to know what’s going on in any of them, but I would also recommend having a look at Casino Royale and Quantom of Solace if you really are a Bond virgin! Like the rest of the Bond girls, you won’t be for long…


The Vintage Housewife x


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