eReader, to iRiver, and the Final Plunge to Kindle

I have finally taken the plunge. I have bought myself a kindle. Yay!

I’ve actually had eReaders before – when the first Sony eReader came out, I was lucky enough to get one for christmas. The unfortunate thing with getting the first incarnation of any new gadget, is you are the one that has to deal with all the teething issues and bugs, particularly software and downloading niggles, and mine died just after a year (outside warranty, typical) Whilst it was working, I loved it – I was taking it to college, and was able to read more classics than I would have done otherwise, as the Sony came with a disc of 100 free classics. It was so handy and convenient, and comfortable to use. However, as well as the issues with the eReader itself, being a fan of sci-fi and fantasy novels, I was really struggling to find any books I actually wanted to read. It was only new releases which were being converted into the digital format, and not much I was really interested in.

After my Sony died, I then moved onto an iRiver – a slightly cheaper version, as the kindle was coming out and I’d heard nothing but bad reviews, so was intending to steer well clear of Amazon’s version of the gadget. This time, I found myself being able to access a lot more books of the genre I loved, but I was really missing out on the best part of fantasy books – the maps. I love it in The Lord of the Rings when you hear the epic journeys described, and you can flick back to the front of the book and check the illustrated map to see where the characters are and how they got there. As that was largely what I was reading, it seemed a bit silly, so I started getting paperbacks again.

This year however, I’ve started working in a call centre selling travel insurance. It was crazy busy in the summer, with barely time to have a sip of water between calls, but in the quieter winter periods there is quite a lot of time spare for reading! I’ve been getting through nearly a book a week – sometimes one in only a few days! As such, I decided to consider getting myself a kindle, in a space and over all space and money saving effort. I waited until after Christmas (just in case!) and ordered it Boxing Day – Amazon’s service was fantastic as always, arriving before New Year’s Eve! It’s already amazing, I’ve finished one book and I’ve download several classics which I can’t wait to get stuck into! The downloading process is so quick and easy – it’s almost too easy to click and buy and the wi-fi downloads it straight to the kindle via your amazon account. It’s so easy to search the shop via the kindle itself, and all the functions are wonderful to use – I’m pretty up-to-speed after having it only a few days!

I think I will still buy certain fantasy books in paperback, so I can flick to the maps easier, but as I start reading more general fictions, and am whizzing through books at an incredible pace, I can see already how much of a fantastic buy the kindle is at £70 for the basic version, which is all I need. I would seriously encourage anyone who is teetering on the edge of deciding to take the plunge, but I also totally get that digital isn’t for everyone – I do still completely understand how special paper books are. But that’s just it for me – the special books will stay special, and I get to fly through generic reading at the same time. For me, it’s the best of both worlds.


The Vintage Housewife


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