Love the Love Heart Dress!

I am definitely the luckiest girl in the world – my husband bought me for Christmas a gift voucher for the wonderful vintage style shop Retro Daisy, as seen in a previous post. I love the cute little shop, based in Arundel, because whilst you can still buy online, there’s nothing quite like going into a store, browsing through rails full to bursting of the bright, beautiful dresses and skirts, and enjoying the lovely chatter from Shar as well as benefitting from a second opinion!

Looking through the Retro Daisy selection myself, I was planning on getting something a little more subtle – something that I can wear more regularly than my gorgeous circle dresses, as well as a bit warmer. Stockings can only keep a girl’s legs so warm! Whilst I am growing in my own confidence and have worn my petticoat with a black circle skirt to work, as well as wearing other vintage style outfits, it would still be nice to have some sort of middle ground. I went in with the plan to get some forties style swing trousers with a gorgeous high waist, or maybe a pretty blouse or retro nautical cardigan. Unfortunately the trousers weren’t stocked in my size, but the range of everything else was amazing! I did find a lovely black blouse with leopard trim, and despite it being two sizes bigger than me, I was encouraged by Shar to try it on as vintage reproductions can come up a bit small, as some styles are designed from vintage patterns. Unfortunately this was still too big for me, but a handy tip always worth knowing!


Instead, I went completely in the other direction of my plans for the day (as is so easily done) and fell head over heels in love with this stunning Hearts and Roses dress. I had seen it on their facebook page, and it was on the model in the window last time I popped in, and it had been calling out to me ever since. If I’m honest, I was secretly hoping I’d just buy it anyway, stuff subtlety! The pattern is so bold and beautiful, and I love the cut out detail and shape of the shoulders. I tried it on, and it fitted like a glove. I rarely have things fit me properly around the shoulders, so to try the dress on and have it hug and fit and flare in all the right places – I was sold. I was going out to dinner with Dave the next day, so it was even more reason to get this stunning dress that makes you feel a million dollars!

Shar is brilliant – she knew I had a petticoat at home, so suggested I try one on underneath the dress just so I could get the full effect (although she did hand me one in red when mine was black – I had to really resist the tempatation to buy the red petticoat too!) and was ready to help and chat about any questions you might have. Her plans for the new year are to keep moving with the expansion of Retro Daisy and move to larger premises – so here’s hoping to a bright and beautiful new store, with more room for lovely dresses!


The Vintage Housewife x


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