The Secret Supper Club – Dana Bate

This was one of the wonders of my transition from paperback to kindle books – the kindle Daily Deal! I managed to grab this for a mere 99p – I figure at that price it’s worth giving things a go, but to be fair I probably would have bought it had I come across it anyway. Which is another great thing about kindle’s Daily Deal’s, you come across so many books you would never have found otherwisse, it’s fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Secret Supper Club, and hope that kindle continue to put forward such excellent books in the Daily Deal!

As a bit of a foodie myself, I was definitely drawn into the plot line of a woman struggling with her job, relationships and life in general, who seeks solace in baking, cooking and eventually, the running of her own underground supper club. Set amidst the backdrop of one of the political captials of the world, Washington DC, the legal grey area of the whole setup of a supper club is thrown into sharper relief, with higher risks and bigger consequences. I have to admit, as the main character Hannah attempts to juggle the supper club plans and her very analytical role in a ‘think tank’, there was a lot of political/business/financial stuff that I didn’t understand, but whilst that made those sections a little dull to read, it added to the realness of the character, as you began to appreciate that Hannah doesn’t much understand either.

However, when it comes to the details of the menus, shopping and cooking for the supper club, the pages are a real treat to read through. From Jewish holiday foods to state-specific classics, each supper club is themed and the guests – and readers – learn something new every time. The passion and enthusiasm Hannah has for her cooking is more than evident, and as well as getting more than a little hungry, you really feel for her as she battles to get her dream of working as a caterer realised against her  pushy parents, who are mortified at the thought of her even cooking as a hobby. Quite frankly, it’s enough to inspire anyone to get out and away from any dead end job and go out and realise their own dreams!

As you can imagine with a secret underground restaurant, there are more than a few hiccups along the way, and the bad to worse scenarios keep you eager for more as you think, along with Hannah, that things can’t possibly get any worse. And then they do. There are twists and sudden surprises abound, as seemingly everything in Hannah’s life falls to pieces around her, but her fiesty attitude and hilarious comedic value keep it light hearted and great reading, whilst tugging at your heart strings along the way. There are lovely bouts of ‘will they, won’t they’, and the wonderful insight a reader gets from being an outside perspective and being gobsmacked at how blind some people can be to seemingly obvious signs of attraction. People watching at its best!

I would thoroughly reccommend reading this, even without my cheeky kindle price. It’s a really great read, not too intense and a lot of fun. And, the best bit is that at the end of the book, some of the recipes used for the supper club are included!


The Vintage Housewife x


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