The Wifey Night Time Tesco Run

There’s not much more of an indication that you’re a housewife than that! To be honest, it’s only down the road from me, I was out and back home in about twenty minutes, but it was for a very worthy cause! My famous “Perfect” bacon and leek pasties! I’ve made these a few times when we’ve gone for a long walk somewhere, or a long journey – or just because I want to, and they have always gone down a storm. My batch makes 10, and often when I announce there’s a batch on the way, I’m all out of pasties to share out straight away!

The recipe is from Good Food Tv’s programme Perfect… that came out a while ago, where different chefs compete each week to produce their perfect version of a type of cooking, a particular dish, or even the perfect Saturday brunch. This is Matt Tebbutt’s offering, and it really is Perfect. The bacon lardons work beautifully with the leek and Caerphilly cheese, and the tang of the Bramley apple just finishes it all off. It’s really easy to make – cooking the bacon and leek with some mustard and double cream, then chopping up and crumbling the potatoes, apple and cheese. The tricky bit comes to the pastry itself – I definitely use the jusroll instead of making my own, but drawing round a tea plate means you’ve then got to roll out the pastry again to make the most of it and get as many pasties as you can out of the mixture!

I find that the mixture gives enough for 10 pasties, with a serving spoon’s worth in each, and four rolls of jusroll shortcrust is perfect for this. I prefer short crust, as it gives it more of a Cornish pasty type feel for me, and its nowhere near as messy! You can get two pastry discs from one roll, and then mixing the leftovers from two produces another one. This was however the reason for my night-time Tesco run – I forgot that I would need as many as that, so ended up getting in the car at 8pm and popping along to Tescos. As it turned out, it was quite handy because I also needed a rolling-pin, but in my Tesco the housewares department is first, so I have to admit I looked a bit of a nutter wandering around with just a rolling-pin. I wasn’t the only one though which I think was scarier! Fortunately, I picked up my two rolls of pastry and felt myself return to normal 🙂


I do love making these pasties, there’s always such a good feeling about making something in big batches – whether it’s because you know you’re being good and freezing another load of dinners to save money, or if you’re feeding a big group round for dinner, or giving some tasty goodness to the people you love. One thing I do hate about making these pasties, is the crimping! I’m awful at it, so occasionally I end up with slightly burnt ooze, and the ones that don’t leak can be more scrunched up than pretty pleats :s but that doesn’t stop them being tasty, and that’s the main thing! Practice makes perfect!


The Vintage Housewife x


3 thoughts on “The Wifey Night Time Tesco Run

  1. You’re a vintage housewife and didn’t own a rolling pin??? *shock*
    When I was a kid my mum always used an empty milk bottle to roll out pastry, alas that’s something you don’t see very often now! 🙂

    • I know, it’s a total travesty! To be fair, I’ve only fairly recently moved into my first home with new hubby, and am still picking up odds and ends as I need them! The good thing with the milk bottle trick (which as you rightly say, isn’t around now due to the square cartons) is that the roller is kept cold, and avoids sticking! It should be brought back! 😀

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