Vintage Vintage, Everywhere – Not a Penny to Spare!

Recently I have been lusting after so many bits of gorgeous retro style clothing – it’s a bit of a hazard working at a computer where you can browse the web in your spare time, and come across amazing sites like Rockabilly Pinup, Deadly is the Female, as well as all my other high street favourites. But, now that the month of January is nearly over, the time of tightening the belt and drawing in the pursestrings is nearly over, and I can daydream a bit more realistically about all the gorgeous clothes that can be found out there!

peacock dress

This dress from Rockabilly Pinup is so beautiful it makes me want to cry – the wraparound style of the dress is always a sure thing to garuntee a flattering shape, but even if you’re not a fan of the shape there are a few more designs that make use of the main feature of the dress; the stunning peacock print. The colours are breathtaking, with bright azures, emeralds and hints of gold making this a truly regal dress, fit for any Queen of glamour. I’ve long wanted a peacock feather tattoo on my leg, and I’ve begun aquiring a bit of a collection of the beautiful feather print in various accessories. The peacock has always been a symbol of vanity and pride, but I say what’s wrong in wanting to look and feel amazing? Whether you opt for the sexy strappy dress, the fifties circle dress or the forties wiggle dress, you’re bound to feel a million dollars in this stunning print.

lace trench

I’ve also found this beautiful lace trench coat from the more main stream Topshop, but as vintage becomes more and more popular, everywhere has something to offer these days, which is great for looking after people with a bit more of a budget. This coat is so like Burberry’s cream lace trench, I’m sure there will be the occasional double take as you walk down the street wearing the significantly more affordable option! Coco’s Fortune is one of Topshop’s brands, so is only available on the website, but their service is so great it’s not the end of the world. I love how luxurious this coat feels, with the tiny details making all the difference, particularly the eyelet detail on the collar and the gorgeous vintage style double breasted buttons. It’s just so beautiful, so French and chic, this just needs a pretty ditsy print dress with some seamed stockings or tights – and don’t forget the beret!


Finally, my latest disovery of Deadly is the Female, has led me to discover some more gorgeous dresses, fun and flirty swimming costumes, but most amazing of all are these incredible Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon winged shoes. They are spectacular – I adore the gorgeous red angel wings curving around your toes, and the red and silver contrast is amazing. The height is just perfect, not too high, and despite them being pretty quirky they are still not outside the realms of possibilty for regular wear. Pair them up with some red contrast seam stockings or tights, and keep it simple with a classic black vintage outfit to let the shoes do the talking, or go all out with starlet red. And Vivienne Westwood at this price, how can you say no!?

The only choice left now, is which do you go for? Eek!


The Vintage Housewife x


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