BBC Good Food’s Courgette Lasagne

I’m hoping to start putting up more photos of my dinners and recipes, as I have finally got a new charger for my camera which magically disappeared during the move and has not been seen for months! (Although now it has arrived, of course I’ll find it within the next week or so!) My iPhone3 does have a pretty good camera for quick snapshots, but isn’t that good at indoors pictures, as you can see from my various fashion photos. So, once I get back used to my estranged point and shoot, I should be back in business!


The photo for this isn’t great, but it was so wonderfully delicious I had to share it with you anyway. Fortunately it is a BBC Good Food, so I’ll also show you the professional photo from the website! Being just the two of us in the house, we tend to end up not using about half the veg we need – if a recipe for four asks for 1 aubergine, no amount of clever buying or scrimping is going to avoid the unused half going sadly into the bin. Also, something like an aubergine goes brown very quickly, so is tricky to use up the leftovers. Courgettes however, are a bit sturdier and last a fair bit longer, meaning you don’t have to have it twice in one week. I also had more than normal, because Dave bless him did the shopping on his own the other week, and bought 3 courgettes when all we needed was one! So this dinner is thanks to him 🙂


Courgette Lasagne. I’ve never been a fan of veggie lasagne, it just seems to defeat the object to me. But as we had leftovers, and I like to vary veggie meals with meat throughout the week, to save money as well as being healthy. The recipe only takes about 30mins to cook, without the labour intensive homemade bechamel sauce my mum makes for her lasagne, or even your own tomato sauce. This is definitely a cheat’s lasagne as such, but so worth it. The courgette retained just enough firmness to not make it completely mushy, and I used a pasta sauce with pancetta which gave the flavour that extra boost. The ricotta and cheddar cheeses work beautifully together, and served with some garlic bread this was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in quite a while! Enjoy!



The Vintage Housewife x


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