Our Version of a Duvet Day…

Yeah, we’re not really very good at those! It’s been a bit of a manic week, with Dave dashing up to Essex for job networking last minute, my dad’s birthday at the end of the week – just a bit hectic! I was working Saturday, and sent Dave a messaging suggesting that Sunday we have a total duvet day, snuggled up indoors, curled up doing nothing but watching films, playing on the playstation and relaxing – I didn’t even write the shopping list Saturday night so it could be done after we woke naturally the next day! I did allow the condition however allow that if the weather was gorgeous and sunny, we would of course end up going out, and we shouldn’t feel bad about it! We’ve got to make the most of these sparing sunny days!

So we woke up, and the weather was a bit grim. A bit windy, drizzly and generally a bit grey. So as I was writing the shopping list for the week, what plans did we make? To get out, do the shopping, make a sandwich, pop out to a BMW dealer to look at a 1200gs for Dave, and head over to our local National Trust gardens for a walk! I told you we didn’t do duvet days. We’re as bad my mum and dad; they always say they’re going to book a holiday and relax by the pool, but we all know they (we) will spend more time scrambling over mountains and visiting ancient ruins than stretched out on a poolside sunbed. So, once we’d done the shopping, got home and made some delicious looking cheese and chutney baguettes for our porobably in-car picnic, we set off for the day.


After Dave was done drooling and dreaming over his (very well priced) dream bike, we made our way towards Handcross on the A23 up from Brighton, to Nymans Gardens. This is one of my favourite National Trust locations, not just because its nearby and the easiest to get to, but it just has this perfect mix of wildness as the gardens drop away to the forest and countryside, together with the beautiful avenue of trees, carefully lanscaped rockeries and perfectly pruned topiary, with the stunning backdrop of the half ruined house, destroyed by fire in 1947 and left as a feature for the garden. There is still part of the house that is still standing and able to be viewed in the open summer months, showing the history of the family that lived in the house before the National Trust took over.


Wandering around the gardens Sunday, fortunately the drizzle and wind eased off so we were all wrapped up in wooly hats and raincoats, and had a lovely walk. It was really nice to have so peacful time to ourselves, and it got us looking forward to better weather so we can make more frequent use of our National Trust membership cards bought for us by my sister-in-law for our wedding! The really lovely part was, going through the garden paths, we found tiny little spots of white dotting up between the grass – the snowdrops are on their way out! Spring must be on the way! The further we went around the gardens, more sprouted up, and there was a subtle scent of flowers floating through the air. It was a wonderful afternoon, and probably more relaxing for us than being stuck indoors all day getting restless and achey.

DSCF0761DSCF0760 DSCF0762 DSCF0756 DSCF0757


There’s nothing like fresh air that’s good for the soul!


The Vintage Housewife x


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