American Vintage Styling

I have been waiting a few weeks now for something very exciting to arrive in the post. I have been dreaming about some beautiful dresses from an American online store I have found called Ruche, who specialise in vintage styling with the most charming and gorgeous dresses, tops and skirts. I have fallen completely in love with everything Ruche has for sale, and the prices for their clothes are amazing, once converted into pounds. Of course the delivery and customs charges has to be taken into account, but even once that has all been calculated, they are still amazing value for money. So, I was brave, and finally took the plunge and bought my first purchase from

After spending a few weeks browsing basically the whole website in my spare time, I had found a stunning wrap dress in a beautiful green tiled print. It was one of Ruche’s more expensive items, but fortunately it was in the sale, and still in my size! (Luckily they have a very helpful size conversion chart) I took it as a sign, and worked out that with delivery, the dress was £45, which is pretty amazing considering it’s from America. I was stung by customs charges, but fortunately it was only £15, making the dress a total of £60 including delivery and customs, which is even better – especially when you think you can pay twice as much as that for a dress from the UK.


When the dress arrived, it was one of those wonderful moments when it was even better than I was expecting. Not only was the print more stunning in real life, but I actually saw that it was a proper wrap around dress – where you thread the belt through a whole and wrap it round to tie up at the waist. How vintage is that! It means the dress fits like a glove, tightened the exact amount for my body. It looks incredible both with and without petticoat – even bearing in mind I only have a black petticoat at the moment, it would look even better with a white one. I have had so many compliments on this dress, and I’ve only had it two days! I’m thrilled to bits with my purchase, and whilst I think when buying things from America there are many things to consider – time and potential customs charges chief among them – it is something I will do more often and with less apprehension in the future. Make sure you take a look at Ruche’s website, as well as, a similar American site with gorgeous vintage styles!


The Vintage Housewife x


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