Brighton Tattoo Convention

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, as some of you may be aware I am currently taking a creative writing course which is taking up a fair bit of my time! But more on that later – I thought I would make use of the half term week to get back on the blogging wagon.

This weekend my sister and I went along to the Brighton Tattoo convention, based at the Hilton Metropole for the first time. We really made a day of it, getting all dressed up in our retro outfits; I wore my gorgeous heart dress as seen on this blog, and Laena wore a cute dotty crop top which showed off her stunning backpiece to perfection. It wasn’t the warmest  of days, but fortunately it wasn’t totally miserable, thought we could have done with some better signage letting us know that people with advance tickets could go straight into the warmth without having to queue for 30mins-1hr! D’oh! Either way, we eventually made it in, and at first (though I’ve never been before) we were a bit disappointed with the size. Laena said it was always much bigger at its previous venue of the Brighton Racecourse, but fortunately the further around the convention we went, more rooms and corridors opened up in the warren that was the Hilton’s conference centres.

First we walked around the traders’ hall, with stalls ranging from cute cupcakes and candyfloss, to all manner of piercing’s and jewellery, and there was even a stall for Powder Beauty Boutique who were offering nail painting and gel extensions. As I couldn’t afford to get myself a tattoo that day, and nail extensions were something I had been looking at anyway, I thought I’d get some done. The ladies were lovely, and were able to give me some really natural looking extensions that were nice and petite to match my tiny hands. It was a lot of fun people watching and just relaxing for a while, watching people come into the show and looking at all their stunning tattoos and body modifications. Once the gel for my extensions had set, I had to somehow choose what colour to go for on the nails! As I was wearing my red heart dress, and a true red goes with pretty much anything, I decided that was the colour for me to really finish off the look. I have proper nails for the first time in years and I’m so excited! Thankyou Powder Beauty Boutique, I will be back soon!


Back to the tattoos, there was so much to see I couldn’t even begin to describe it all here. The majority of stalls were artists specializing in the various forms of old school tattoos, but each still had their own unique style. Leah Mole of Spear Studios in Birmingham had a stall, showcasing her bright and beautiful ‘new school’ work, from cutsy doe-eyed animals, to vibrant flowers and anything that’s funky in-between. There was a really interesting artist with a style I had never seen before – it was totally abstract, almost like Picasso put onto skin, and made for some incredibly impressive tattoos. The variety of styles at the convention never ceased to amaze me, with modern twists on classic designs, artwork that would impress any critic and people from all across the globe that had come to this fantastic show.

My sister fell in love with a design at the first stall we came across, with a lovely guy from America (originally Dutch) going through the designs with her. She’s wanted a dreamcatcher tattoo for a while now, and his style was somewhere between the almost cartoony old school and more traditional Native American tribal, with the colours and design being exactly what Laena was after. She thought about the design for a while, but to be honest the real question wasn’t should she, but WHERE should she! Eventually she decided on the inside of her lower leg, as she had plans for another tattoo on the outside. Once the design was drawn up, and I’d gone for a wander whilst waiting, I was amazed at the progress of this artist, as he’d nearly finished the outlining after a lap of the downstairs and a trip to get some more cash out! The work is lovely, really high quality with gorgeous colours and beautiful, bold linework. I was so jealous, I want another one!


It was a fantastic experience, and I’m so glad I went, but I think next year, I will cross my fingers that the convention goes back to the racecourse, and will make sure I have some more money saved up so I can get myself a tattoo done at the show instead of nails! And flat shoes next time – whilst it was fantastic to go to an event like this all dressed up, and I got lots of lovely compliments, I now have a painful blister on my heel, and I dread to think how I would have handled my volumous petticoat if I had got a tattoo! Denim shorts and a cute crop top next time I think, with some cute canvas pumps! For now though, I’ll just keep saving for more tattoos to come!


The Vintage Housewife x


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