To Chop or Not to Chop?

I’ve been trying to grow my hair out long for a couple of years now – there was a mini disaster a while back when my hairdresser went on maternity leave, and we ended up getting a home hairdresser to come and give us all a trim (incidentally, my hairdresser is now a home hairdresser, so the moral of this story isn’t to avoid all home hairdressers). This woman turned up in track suit bottoms and not the most amazing hair herself, armed with nothing more the a pair of scissors, a comb, and a water spritz bottle. I wasn’t convinced from the outset, but there wasn’t much we could do now. Long story short, me, mum and my sister all ended up with pretty awful haircuts, but after I asked this woman to trim the feathering around my face, I ended up with chunks cut into the front of my hair. I was devastated. There was nothing I could do, even tying it up made it look awful because these chunks of hair were too short to be tied away properly, so the whole lot had to go. I got the shortest bob I’ve had in a while, and whilst I was happy with the end results, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that I had the choice of having my hair cut taken away from me.


Fast forward a few years, a few nearly made decisions to go short again followed by mass panic to grow my hair out for the wedding, and I’m getting a bit angsty with my hair again. My hair is so thick and heavy, it always lies completely flat, and there are many times when my efforts to curl or pin in the vintage style go horribly wrong, leaving me close to tears. Whilst I love it when the whole look comes together, with the forties waves, eyeliner flicks and gorgeous dresses, I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s worth it, when I evidently struggle so much to do anything worthwhile with my hair. I just don’t seem to have the knack. Added to that, my hair is really feeling very unhealthy at the moment, tangling very easily and not looking as shiny as it has done for a while – so I thought I would look at a few ideas and see where it goes from there.

At first I thought I would look at different styles of the length my hair is – maybe just changing it up a bit would help my frustration. I found a few that I love (and I was careful not to make the mistake of falling in love with a hairstyle that was designed for naturally wavy hair) from the sleek and straight look of Kaley Cuoco in her early ‘Big Bang Theory’ days. I really like the feathering at the front, the shape is really nice, and it would still mean I’m able to attempt my vintage curls and waves. I also love the Natalie Portman hairstyle here, it’s so romantic and flowing and dreamy, the layering is gorgeous and it gives some really nice volume. That is the only issue though, as my hair never has any volume, but it might be worth finding some hair products that can give me the desired effect. unfortunately, I am lazy, and I like my sleep too much to be getting up and putting in the effort!


As such, I thought I’d consider a lower maintenance haircut. I’ve had short bobs a few times, and there is nothing quite so satisfying as that newly cut ‘lack of’ hair feeling. One my favourite bob styles is the Rachel cut, when Jennifer Aniston cropped her hair short. I prefer the length after it had grown out for a bit, again the layering is gorgeous, nice and easy to deal with, and I could still try to work a fifties set with this length. Not something I could do with the most extreme haircut I’ve found – Kimberly wyatt’s pixie crop. I’ve nearly gone for a pixie cut a couple of times now, and chickened out each time. It’s a hairstyle I really admire, and I think on the right woman it looks really cute, feminine and sexy. I love this particular cut, but there is nothing vintage about it whatsoever. If I get that haircut, I say goodbye to retro victory rolls, vintage glamour waves and doing anything with my hair at all. but, that is kind of a plus for me! I’m so fed up with my hair at the moment, with it never turning out how I want it to, and part of me is thinking that the vintage look doesn’t have to be about the entire ensemble. I love doing the make-up, it’s something I’m quite proud of, but I’m just not sure how the modern short hair would look with a circle dress, or a pretty floral piece. I’m all up for the edgy/girly look, but that is such a massive decision, and there is absolutely no going back.


On the other hand, if I am feeling really really brave, I could go properly vintage with the world-famous Mia Farrow pixie crop! Eek!


So what do you think? To chop or not to chop?


The Vintage Housewife x


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