Forties Vintage Workwear

I absolutely adore my vintage dresses – my glamorous green 20th Century Foxy dress and my rockabilly Hearts and Roses cut out dress are really quite spectacular, and whilst I’m starting to be more adventurous and wear these gorgeous outfits more often, instead of just special occasions, this weather isn’t exactly dress friendly, however thick your stockings are! Also, working in a call centre, bright fifties dresses can be a bit much, and it’s nice to have something more basic, and day-to-day wearable. Whilst the (hopefully) onset of summer brings cute fifties crops and blouses to the high street, I think this cold snap is here to stay a bit longer, so I was on the hunt for something warm and glamorous.

At my favourite vintage-style shop, Retro Daisy, I had been dreaming about a beautiful forties style jumper from Miss Candyfloss for a few weeks. I love the shape under the bust, with the pleating making it so flattering and boosting your assets, and the shirt insert detail gives it a smart spin. The fabric was so soft it was to die for, I just wanted to sit in the shop hugging and stroking it! I knew pretty much from when I first saw it that I would buy it at some point, and then for my birthday I got given a Retro Daisy voucher from my parents! Yay! I went along to Arundel to try the jumper on, and the ever helpful Shar suggested it would look perfect with a pencil skirt. Unfortunately with my short legs, the pencil skirts in stock went way past my shins, almost down to my ankles, which wasn’t a good look at all.



Instead I looked at some beautiful high-waisted swing trousers from 20th Century Foxy, which I thought I would have the same problem with. But, surprise surprise, they were exactly the right length! I have to wear them with heels, but I have to wear most things with heels :p The jumper looks stunning tucked into the trousers, which also look amazing with my favourite china pattern sleeveless blouse! I’m so thrilled I finally have an couple of outfits that I can where whenever I want, and I’m definitely looking forward to being able to incorporate vintage dressing in my everyday life!


The Vintage Housewife x


4 thoughts on “Forties Vintage Workwear

  1. That’s a lovely outfit, I also like wearing different types of clothes, it;s so boring when you see all the women dressed according to the latest trends.

    • I totally agree Iva – there are some lovely high street clothes out there, but if that’s what I want to wear then great, if not I’m not about to follow a trend because I’m told to! Unique is always better, be it what you wear, or how you carry yourself 🙂 x

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