Subtle Fifties Make-up

A huge part of the vintage look is the hair and make-up, as well as the clothes you’re wearing. I’m going to be totally honest; I’m really not very good at the hair part. I can manage a barrel-roll fringe some days, but others it completely slumps, and my fail safe vintage look is the twisting back of the front side parts of the hair as shown below. But, I love playing about with vintage style make-up, using different combinations of colours and products to suit the outfit I’m wearing. For my birthday a few years ago I got given a couple of books in the Style Me Vintage series, and I love the book on make-up by Katie Reynolds, which is where I got this look from.


This the more subtle, ‘Marilyn’ look as opposed to the bolder Rita Hayworth look from the forties, or the exciting and vibrant rockabilly look. The idea is to keep it more natural, and as such I tend to go for this look when I don’t want to wear any foundation. I used Benefit’s FineOneOne cheek and lip tint, and this is my absolute savior! I love the vintage packaging and applicator, and the three-toned colour with the pink champagne colour at the top creates the perfect highlighter. I don’t tend to use this if I’m wearing a bright lip colour, as the cheek tint is quite bright on its own on my skin, so it can go a bit over the top.



The classic eyeliner flicks are accompanied by a hint of colour, with a gentle blue highlight on the lids which I absolutely love. I use Revlon’s colourstay eyeliner, a colour from an old Next Gold colour palette, and Rimmel London’s Extra Wow Lash mascara. The nude/coral lips are the perfect addition to the soft, natural look we’re going for here, and I have fallen in love with Rimmel’s Apocolips range. The colour goes on really glossy and shiny, but as the day goes on, it turns into a more hardwearing lipstick, it’s like a two-in-one, it’s brilliant! This colour is 500 Luna, and is beautiful nude/coral colour, making it a bit brighter than totally natural 🙂


The Vintage Housewife x


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