Love Miss Daisy Vintage!

Apologies for not posting for so long my lovlies, it’s been a hell of a few weeks! In the midst of preparing for our upcoming holiday (2 weeks today, *squueeaaalll!!!*) I have also managed to land myself a new job! It’s all very exciting, and has all gone through very quickly, so I am absolutely looking forward to a week in the sun to stop and recharge my batteries. However, more on that later I can assure you :p

Today, I want to show you my latest vintage purchase! One of my favourite online vintage stores is Love Miss Daisy. The whole website exudes glamour and elegance, and it really feels like a treat to merely browse through the beautiful pieces they have collected and have for sale. I also love how they have organised their items – you can search not only by item and era, but also by size! Not many vintage sites have that filter option, as understandably sizes have changed so much over the years, and it’s more likely to encourage buyers to go by measurements than sizes. But, there’s not much worse than scrolling through pages of vintage, to come across THE DRESS and find that its not anywhere near your size šŸ˜„ It really is a lovely site, with so many lovely clothes being posted on a regular basis, with some very affordable pieces too! I’ve seen breathtaking gowns from the forties, to eighties cocktail dresses, at prices from nearly Ā£200 down to Ā£15! With a range of beautiful accessories too, it really is worth a look.

One of my main reasons for visiting LMD so regularly, is that there are a couple of very special pieces that I have fallen head over heels in love with. As they are such special pieces (and priced as such!) I have been dreaming of them for about a year now! One is the aforementioned forties gown – the fabric is utterly stunning, with a backdrop of an almost bluebell purple/blue, with pink and orange starbursts. The material is described as beautiful liquid satin, and you can just imagine how that would feel swishing around your legs as you walked. This is one of those dresses that is so gorgeous it makes you want to cry! I would desperately love to own this dress – regardless of whether I have anywhere spectacular to wear it or not! A girl can keep dreaming!


Another piece I had fallen in love with at the same time, was this very rare Alice Pollock shirt tunic from the sixties. The shape looked amazing, and the length is perfect for this era. I love the squiggly line embroidery on the cotton material – I could just see this being work with backcombed hair a la Bridget Bardot, a thick white hair band and some killer eyeliner flicks. Now, as mentioned earlier, I have got myself a new job! And as such I thought I deserved a bit of a well done treat, so I bought myself the shirt! I’ve never been more excited for something to arrive, and it came so quickly. LMD listed that the shirt would be posted special next day delivery with insurance, which is great to know that as a company that care so much about their products, and understand the value of the rarer items they have.


The shirt arrived, and I was so excited I just tried it on without worrying about leggings or tights! It is of course long enough to be seen in decently, but I don’t think I’d want to go out and about wearing anything other than leggings or very thick tights! I know the sixties championed the mini skirt, but that is a bit much! The shirt was listed as fitting modern UK size 8-10, so I wear the shirt with a belt to give it a bit more shape on my petite frame. I was a bit worried about the bell sleeves when I tried it on – they are huge! But, with a bit of confidence and getting used to a very different look, they’re definitely starting to grow on me! I absolutely adore this shirt, and I can’t wait to style it and wear it in as many ways as I can, I’m thinking skinny jeans for a more modern look! I’m thrilled to bits with my Love Miss Daisy purchase, and they will remain top of my list for vintage websites!


The Vintage Housewife x

The Rockabilly Housewife

Being a vintage housewife certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to be floating around the kitchen, in prim and demure tea dress with my hair in rollers all day. Who has the time for that? Don’t get me wrong, I love looking classic, glamorous and homely – my forties outfits always make me feel amazing, and sometimes I wish for nothing more than to be able to stay at home, get my house in perfect clean in tidy order and cook. Cooking just makes me happy! Whip up those lunches that are supposed to be really easy, but really aren’t worth getting up half an hour early to make (let’s face it, nothing is). Bake cheese cakes and muffins and red velvet cake until you run out of containers to put them in and mouths to offload them into. And at the end of the day, pull out of the oven a perfectly golden chicken, with precisely timed potatoes and veg, and a gravy that makes it into the stuff of legend. All that whilst avoiding a stray wisp of hair or makeup sliding down your face.


But I have to be honest – good old English cooking scares me. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never made a pie, or roasted a chicken. I was brought up on almost anything but typical English roasts, once I’d grown up out of my diet of hot dog and chips, and this continued as I learnt to cook and move out cooking for me and my hubby. My range of herbs and spices is bigger than most supermarkets, generally there is at least one item on my shopping list each week that I have no clue as to what it is, and we very, very rarely have the same meal twice in any given month. I love trying new recipes, especially from Asian cuisine. I love the vibrant flavours and bright colours – in the same way that I adore my bright, spunky rockabilly dresses, and plan on growing that section of my wardrobe till I have petticoats bursting at the seams, and enough nautical clothing to sink a battleship!


On that note, I think it is interesting to note that everyone has a favourite celebrity chef. Whilst you might give other recipes or cooking shows a try, there is generally one who suits your learning/cooking style best. Me for example, I cannot get on with Jaime Oliver’s recipes for love nor money – they just don’t make sense to me. My dad is getting on famously with his new Gordon Ramsay book, and I have found a chef after my own heart – Nadia G of the Food Network’sĀ Bitchin Kitchen. I discoveredĀ Bithcin KitchenĀ one evening as Dave was dozing on the sofa, and I was flicking through the channels for something to watch. As always, nothing was on, so I ended up on the Food Network, to be met by a crazy, rockabilly chick with what sounded like an Italian-Brooklyn accent that could put the Godfather to shame (which I later found out is a heady mix of Italian, French and Canadian, with some very local slang thrown in for good measure). The kitchen was a wacky combination of pinks, reds and chrome, with all sorts of crazy decorative additions, and the food she was cooking was out of this world. Combinations you’d never think to try, as well as the perfect meal for any occasions, from impressing the in laws, to rock and roll food to keep the dream alive.


As a comedienne as well highly skilled cook, Nadia makes the cooking show hilarious with her dry and borderline psychotic quips, whilst keeping the instructions for making stunning food simple and easy to follow. I recently bought her cookbook as well,Ā Cooking For Trouble, which has the same funny anecdotes that may or may not be true, as well as advice and information from Panos the meat and fish guy, and ‘The Spice Agent’, who knows everything there is to know about flavours from around the world. Not to mention Hans, the Scantily Clad Food Correspondant, to remind us of the health benefits of what we’re eating! It certainly is a well rounded show, in content if not stable personalities! Nadia rocks the kitchen in a multitude of fantastic stilettos, which I think should be a rule in all women’s kitchens! It really is an amazing cooking show, incredible that it started out as as a video blog and has made it to the Food Network all the way over here in the UK! You really must give it a go, Nadia’s vibrant attitude is sure to get you dressing yourself up to look amazing, throwing on some killer heels and cooking like you’ve never cooked before!


The Rockabilly Housewife x