Creative Inspiration Drive

As many of you may know, I’ve been doing a creative writing course with my husband and my dad. It was an 11 week course, slightly extended due to the snow, but it has now come to an end! I’ll be honest, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting – we were all hoping for something more educational, to be taught the mechanics of writing with regards to plot, characters and the actual form of writing, but as it turns out it was more like a group of people writing and sharing every week. Whilst it was helpful for me, in as much as it encouraged me to write more regularly and ended up bringing to reality an idea for a novel I’ve had at the back of my head for a while now, I know that my hubby Dave particularly didn’t find it all that productive. He has thebasic idea of what he wants to write, but could have really used some advice and instruction on how to bring those ideas together – how a story is supposed to take shape, and the more technical points like how to structure dialogue etc.

But, something good has come out of it – not only have I come up with some inspiration for the plot and character holes I was struggling with, and Dad has been told that his work is publish-worthy he just needs to find an agent, but we’ve decided to keep meeting up on a regular basis and sharing our writing work! Me and Dave are very lucky that we get on so well with our respective in-laws, and I think I see my parents more now than when I was living at home! We were thinking of meeting every Monday, the same as th writing class, but we decided that it would be nice to have something a little less formal and structured, and just pop round for dinner every now and then to keep each other motivated and share our ideas. I think this is going to be really good for all of, because Dave is a bit shy when it comes to sharing his work, so he might be more inclined to do so when it’s just us; Dad has realised he needs to go back over his first books again, and I’m just excited to be back in the creative flow of things and enjoying writing!

On the note of publishing, I think it’s worth mentioning a blog that I’ve come across since joining wordpress. Shannon A Thompson is a young writer, who has recently published her second Young Adult novel before she has reached 23! Now whilst part of me looks at her in the same way as I do Jessie J and Adele, thinking ‘god, what have I done with my life?’ (FYI, I’m not really thinking that, I have a wonderful husband and the start of an amazing life!) I am mostly inspired and encouraged by the fact that it is possible to get published. After having watched my dad apply to god knows how many publishers, and never get anything as substatial as a rejection letter, I was fairly resigned to the fact that when I finished my books I was going to try and get them published, but I wasn’t ever hoping for anything. Seeing Shannon’s success not only gives me hope for my dad, but it’s absolutely given me more incentive and drive to get cracking with my novels and see what I can put out there! Anything is possible!

Take a look at her blog, she really is an amazing young woman!


The Vintage Housewife x