Beat the Summer Blues

I’ve been feeling a little bit angsty the past few weeks or so, and I’ve realised this is probably due to the fact that i haven’t written ANYTHING in goodness knows how long! I haven’t touched any of my novel writing, and I’ve not posted a blog on here in so long that wordpress has changed it’s font! Whilst I have been settling in to a new job, I think the time has come to get my typing fingers back out and the creative juices flowing. That being said, I’m sort of out of the habit a little bit too much, so I’m going to start building myself back up to form! So, with tea in hand…

There’s nothing more exciting than telling you about the recent holiday I’ve been on! Me and hubby have had a bit of year of it, what with redundancies, moving in and the wedding, so we decided in January that we absolutely deserved a nice, sunny holiday. We’ve never had a sunny holiday together, and have only been abroad once to Bruges, where it rained most of the time! (but we did get engaged, which more than makes up for it!) It was also going to be a nice chance for us to spend a whole week together, just the two of us – whilst we have had holidays lasting 7 days, they’ve been up in Scotland with my family. We love our annual Scotland trips, but we really needed some us time.


We looked at places we could go, trying to fit it in both time and money wise around everything else we’ve got on in the world, and settled on Menorca in May. I’ve been to Menorca so many times when I was younger I’ve lost count, and I’ve always wanted to take Dave there. We stayed at the same resort every time we went, and the island is so small I know my way around like the back of my hand. So as our first proper abroad holiday together, it made sense to go for an easier option where at least one of us was well within their comfort zone.

We’ve never been the type of people to laze around by the pool relaxing all day, but we also knew we did need to take it some sort of easy this time. The hotel we stayed in, Princesa Playa in Son Xoriguer was really luxurious, 4 stars, so we were in the perfect surroundings! We decided to hire a car for the middle of our break, giving us plenty of time for some more localised wanderings along with day trips around the island. Probably a good thing we hadn’t planned to stay by the pool all week as it wasn’t the best of weather! One morning we woke up to a thunderstorm, and the coastal walk from the resort’s harbour and restaurants to our hotel gave us some spectacular crashing wave photos!


The nearest city of Cuitadella is absolutely beautiful, a really wonderful place to walk around and just spending some time soaking up the atmosphere of the island. The buildings are so lovely, and there are plenty of shops and cafes to while away a morning (or three!) For the more touristy aspects, there is Monte Torro in the centre of the island, and on a clear day not only can you see Menorca in its entirety, but also across the small stretch of Mediterranean to Majorca.



The capital, Mahon, boasts the second deepest natural harbour in the world after Pearl harbour, and you can take historic boat rides, or glass bottomed boats around so there is penty to see. We were planning on doing this one day when we went to La Mola, a fort from the 18th century – another place I’d visited before and knew Dave would love. The idea was to spend the morning at La Mola, and catch the water taxi over to the main city for the afternoon, but as it turns out we were at the fort for much longer than expected! We arrived shortly after opening at about 10am, and had to be kicked out at closing time 2pm! We didn’t realise they closed that early, and had only just managed to see everything, but had to rush the end a bit which was a shame. La Mola is absolutely incredible, and we could have easily spent another hour or so there – the only thing I will advise is that we think it had only just reopened as a tourist attraction, and there are basically no refreshment facilities. There is a building about half way round with toilets and vending machines, but these are only drinks and ice cream, no food at all. The place would benefit hugely from a restaurant and a cafe or two, but we’re hoping these are in the pipeline as they get fully set up. For now though, a picnic is an absolute must, and there are plenty of scenic spots to sit and have a bite to eat! Just make sure you take your litter with you, as there weren’t any bins yet either.


I could honestly go on for days about Menorca, it really is one of my favourite places in the world. When we were landing, I’ll admit it, I cried a little bit because it felt like coming home 🙂 I can’t wait to go back again with Dave, and again when we have our own little ones who can explore and enjoy the island for themselves. With prehistoric caves, plenty of coastal walks, a nature reserve and an old quarry, there are so many exciting things for kids to look at and discover, not to mentions the wonderful locals who treat every little girl like a princess, and every little boy like a hero. We visit the same restaurant every night, El Pato in Cala’n Bosc, and it isn’t just for the food. Ok, the food plays a BIG part, with a menu containing Paellas, kebabs, pizzas, the best Indian I’ve ever had and incredible seafood, it’s the perfect place to take kids as they have a fun children’s menu, served in cardboard planes, cars and boats (I had to stop Dave ordering one for himself!) allowing the adults to eat more adventurously without worrying about the little ones.


There I go again… You really must visit Menorca. It is cultural rich, the weather in the summer is gorgeous with some stunning beaches and amazing hotels. I think I’ve been 6 times now, and we still found a few things this time that my parents had never done, despite being such a small island. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Menorca as much as I’ve loved telling you about it – it’s certainly made me smile through this awful English summer we’re supposedly having!



The Vintage Housewife x