What a Weekend!!!

Yes, I know it’s nearly halfway through the next week, but I seriously needed all that time to recover! I think we largely know what I’m going to be talking about here – a little historical thing that happened for Britain on Sunday 7th July – but I would also love to share with you the rest of an amazing weekend, in the best weather we’ve had for a very long time!


I was lucky enough to have not one BBQ in the glorious sunshine, but two! My cousin’s birthday was on the Saturday, and her family have a holiday home in Selsey, near Chichester, so the lot of us bundled down for the afternoon. It was a lovely time spent with family, relaxing in the sunshine, picking at nibbles and ice cold drinks from a bucket on the decking, listening to the women’s final from indoors. The weather was perfect, not so hot that it was unbearable, but there wasn’t too much of a breeze to need an extra layer at all. I will admit, I got myself into a bit of a mess with some very tasty ribs, but that’s what good food is about, surely? Sunday we had a BBQ at my parents house, and mum decided to do things a bit different, as the BBQs have been getting a bit dull recently, with basically grilled meat and a few bits of salad. If you’re just making yourself some burgers then that’s fine, but there’s only so much dry chicken and steak you can eat. So earlier in the day we prepared some marinated pork and mushroom kebabs, and a lovely coriander marinate for the chicken! It made all the difference, and the head BBQ cook (dad) said it was the best we’d had in a long time.


And all this on the Sunday was following the biggest breakfasts I have ever seen at Woodie’s Diner! It was Dave’s first Sunday off in a long while, and we celebrated by going out for breakfast to the amazing retro American style restaurant on the seafront near Brighton. Mum, Dad and Laena have all been there before for breakfast, but it was a first for me and Dave. For once, we took note from our previous meals here and remembered the huge portion sizing, and chose fairly sensibly! Normally I can’t get my head around the combination of savoury and sweet, but looking at the menu I just had to try the Breakfast Pancakes. Woodie’s do sweet variations, with simply maple syrup, chocolate or bananas, but the Breakfast Stack is what really caught my eye. 2 or 4 stacked butter pancakes, served with bacon, sausage, fried egg and maple syrup (although I gave mine to Dad, I couldn’t go that far!) I asked for extra mushrooms with mine, and the combination was confusingly incredible! The pancakes were rich enough to not be overly sweet, and worked perfectly with the savoury flavours from the typical breakfast components. But, if you still can’t quite stomach the idea, Woodie’s also do a pretty good looking Full English, as well as a wide choice of breakfast baps. I love the bright, retro styling of the place, its a wonderfully fun place to go eat any time of the day, with a great atmosphere.


The thing that made the weekend so perfect though, was settling down in front of the tv Sumday afternoon, for an incredibly tense, exciting, and awe inspiring tennis match. Andy Murray made sporting history by becoming Britain’s first male Wimbledon Champion in 77 years (and before we get into it, it is a shame that the media haven’t differentiated between first Briton and first male Briton, but I won’t let anyone take away from the fact that this is still a phenomenal achievement). I have been a fan of Murray since the start – whilst he was a bit moody and let his temper get the better of him at the start of his career, I always believed he would grow out of it, and turn into the fantastic tennis player he has become. Many people are still very critical of him, and I really don’t understand why – he’s ┬ámassively successful tennis player even before his Wimbledon win, and for those who say he’s miserable, I don’t blame him for concentrating on the matter at hand, the game! The match against Djokovic this weekend was absolutely amazing, so many tremendous rallys and fantastic points. It was really well played from both sides, making it even more incredible that Andy won in straight sets! watching that last point and seeing him finally win – I will admit, I cried. But it really was the perfect end to an amazing weekend. Here’s to many, many more!



The Vintage Housewife x

American Rockabilly Sunshine

Rockabilly Pinup Clothing is without a doubt one of my favourite websites for this style of clothing. There is such a wide range of styles, from kitsch circle skirts, to elegant oriental prints, with a healthy mix of psychobilly thrown in between. I love looking through the website, dreaming after the high end dresses from the major labels like Limb, Glamour Bunny and Stop Staring, but it is still a fantastic place to see what I can find when I’ve got a little extra cash!


Whilst I love the classic vintage look, with the more utility wartime dresses, making for easy and simple day to day wear, I really love the brightness of the rockabilly styling and the modern take on pinup wear, and I have completely fallen in love with this gorgeous yellow dress! The figure hugging shape gives a stunning pin up silhouette, especially with the contrasting white belt buckle to draw attention to a teeny waist. The white lapels give a perfect feel of the typical fifties American diner style, and the mix of sexy bust and classy knee length compliment each other beautifully. I would love to wear this dress with some shiny red patent heels, some bold fifties make up and a head full of gorgeous curls! And even better, it’s on sale! In my size! Someone hide my purse…



The Vintage Housewife x