American Rockabilly Sunshine

Rockabilly Pinup Clothing is without a doubt one of my favourite websites for this style of clothing. There is such a wide range of styles, from kitsch circle skirts, to elegant oriental prints, with a healthy mix of psychobilly thrown in between. I love looking through the website, dreaming after the high end dresses from the major labels like Limb, Glamour Bunny and Stop Staring, but it is still a fantastic place to see what I can find when I’ve got a little extra cash!


Whilst I love the classic vintage look, with the more utility wartime dresses, making for easy and simple day to day wear, I really love the brightness of the rockabilly styling and the modern take on pinup wear, and I have completely fallen in love with this gorgeous yellow dress! The figure hugging shape gives a stunning pin up silhouette, especially with the contrasting white belt buckle to draw attention to a teeny waist. The white lapels give a perfect feel of the typical fifties American diner style, and the mix of sexy bust and classy knee length compliment each other beautifully. I would love to wear this dress with some shiny red patent heels, some bold fifties make up and a head full of gorgeous curls! And even better, it’s on sale! In my size! Someone hide my purse…


The Vintage Housewife x


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