My Latest Food Obsession!

My Latest Food Obsession!

I just have to share this recipe with you all! I have fairly recently discovered couscous, and have branched out from shop bought lunch time pots, to making my own. The variety of different salad concoctions you can make with couscous is incredible, all with different flavours and feels, and it makes a wonderful change from bread at lunch time, or pasta and rice at dinner time. My favourite couscous recipe is this Summer Couscous Salad, with courgettes, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and halloumi. I adore this dish so much its getting to the point that I am taking earlier lunch breaks at work just so I can eat it, not always because I am hungry! 

I would thoroughly recommend this recipe, even for your first time cooking couscous – its fairly easy to make in a morning before work, and the portion will last two people most of the week, depending on the size of your lunch box! Enjoy!


The Vintage Housewife x