A Little Bit of Lingerie…

…Goes a long long way! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s nothing that makes me feel quite so special as a new set of lingerie. I love the experience of going into some of the more high end boutiques, looking through the little drawers to find your size, and trying them on in the classy changing rooms. It’s always brilliant to have on hand someone more skilled in bra fittings than at any other high street store, because it really does make all the difference when you have a bra that fits, and also knowing that you might be a different size in a different style, the same as any other piece of clothing. But there’s just something so special and exciting about wearing a brand new, matching set. Never mind that (almost) no one sees it, lingerie is all about making yourself feel amazing, giving you the confidence that starts from within and shines it’s way outwards.


However, my lingerie drawer seemed to be getting a bit more tired, as we got used to our new home and newly married life, and priorities needed juggling a bit before they started to settle down. And after a fairly stressful few weeks, I decided I needed a treat! One of my favourite shops for lingerie is Boux Avenue, a relatively new chain that really has got the perfect mix between elegant, classy, fun and flirty. The sizing suits me nicely, and the quality is fantastic. The timeless design as well as this amazing quality means they last and last, making you feel amazing every time you wear them.


I recently bought this stunning set – I adore the wintery floral design, with the pink flowers and the lovely teal green leaves, and the wider straps are comfortable, as well as looking pretty. The delicate lace trim finished off the balconette bra beautifully, making it a really sophisticated piece. I love the high waisted knickers, nothing says vintage quite like it! The dotty back is sexy in a demure, understated way, and they complete the set perfectly, encouraging you to let out your inner glamorous pin up!




Go on, treat yourself to a little bit of lingerie!


The Vintage Housewife x


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