Essie – Bachelorette Bash

This weekend I had my regular pampering session of getting my false nails done. I’m quite lucky, now that I’m used to looking after them I can generally make them last and last, without the need for a full new set very regularly. With a maximum outlay of £18 once every three weeks, I absolutely adore my new nails! Having picked and bitten for years, I’d tried several times to break the habit, but my nails were too weak by then. My mum gets her nails done as her nails are weak from health issues, and she was able to recommend the lovely Natalie at La Belle in Worthing for me to get mine done too.
And that now means I can wear gorgeous varnishes like this brilliant Essue colour! I love Essie, the colours are so bright and the varnish itself is excellent quality, really long lasting and gives a wonderfully smooth finish. The names are fantastic too, so unique and interesting! I saw this colour in the salon and instantly knew it would be my choice for the week! I loved it so much when it was put on I had to go out and buy it!
Essie varnishes aren’t the cheapest by a long shot, but luckily Superdrug had a 3for2 offer on, which makes it so worth it! I bought Bachelorette Bash as you can see, Bahama Mama which is a luscious deep plum, and Angora Cardi, a delicate dusky pink. I cant wait to try out my new colours!
The Vintage Housewife x


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