Easy Homely Dinner

There’s nothing quite like a filling, homely meal when you’re feeling under the weather. Be it a cold, killer busy week or just feeling a bit naff, there are certain types at meals which are just so warming and satisfying, they go a long way to making everything feel better. The problem is, a lot of these meals take an age of hard work to make. Roast dinners, good bolognaise, any kind of stew.

roast dinner


Luckily, one of my favourite go-to recipes comes straight out of Reader’s Digest 30 Minute Cookbook, and is so easy to make when your head feels like its stuffed with cotton wool. Arabian Beef – it really is as good as it sounds, and easier. Beef mince cooked with tomatoes and spices, served with fresh cucumber and pitta breads, it is a wonderful homely meal and can be eaten for lunch as leftovers the next day.

arabian beef


Unfortunately the book is no longer in current print, but if you ever come across one on eBay etc. you MUST buy it! This book was perfect for my expanding repertoire as I moved on from learning to cook what Mum taught me, to picking my own meals to try and make for the family. And it still contains most of my favourite basic meals – beef stroganoff, breadcrumb tagliatelle, salmon pasta – the variety and simplicity of these recipes is brilliant, and I don’t know what I would do without it. So sorry, you won’t be seeing mine for sale any time soon!


The Vintage Housewife x



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