Bettina Scarlett Presents the Mid-Century Market

This Christmas just gone saw the introductions of Bettina Scarlett’s first Mid-Century Market at the Hammersmith Club, in London. Bettina has a wealth of experience in the vintage industry, having previously worked as a model and branched out into events planning, with huge success at the Rockabilly Rave with her Vintage Fashion Revue, showcasing the best in reproduction vintage inspired clothing. With the massive popularity of the Christmas Mid-Century Market, London’s only 1950s fair, Bettina simply had to organise another chance for people to enjoy another opportunity to browse to wonderful stalls, full of beauties from genuine vintage clothing, to retro inspired designs and gorgeous homewares fit for any vintage queen.


The beautifully perfect Hammersmith club will once again open its doors to vintage enthusiasts and newcomers alike, for the bargain entry fee of £3 on Saturday 12th April from 10.30am, allowing shoppers and vintage lovers to browse through beautiful stalls displaying items from The Hostess Hotties, selling sparkly vintage jewellery and accessories, to the Rocking Cow, a wonderfully kooky vintage homeware brand! There’s even something to keep the boys happy at Cock A Doodle Vintage! All this and more can be viewed in the bright, friendly and exciting atmosphere, with gorgeous pin ups wandering around, vibrant rockabilly and blues music from all the best local DJs providing the perfect soundtrack to your day. And to top it all off, in true vintage fashion, there’s even a spot to have a well deserved cuppa after all your sifting and searching for your perfect vintage piece.


Make sure you check out the Facebook page for Bettina Scarlett Presents… and check out all the details for the Mid-Century Market, with more companies being announced all the time! I can’t wait to have a wander round London’s only 1950s fair, and I hope to see you there!


The Vintage Housewife x


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