Loulou’s Vintage Fair, Brighton

This weekend the most wonderful travelling vintage fair stopped off at it’s usual haunt in Brighton, the beautiful Corn Exchange in the Dome Theatre building. I’ve been meaning to get to this fair for ages, but each time something seems to stop me, be it illness or truly horrific weather! But this time, it seemed the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with my mum. We’ve both been ridiculously busy recently, and as she’s had a particularly stressful couple of weeks organising a move, it was the perfect excuse for her to get away from it all for an afternoon.

Oh, and of course nip into Cocoa on Queen’s street to buy a box of her favourite macarons! These really are a special treat at £13 for a box of eight, but believe me if you have the money to treat yourself they are so so so worth it! For the beauty of looking at them alone, let alone the array of drool-enticing flavours! From the classic pistachio, to luxurious salted caramel, to weird and wonderful Earl Grey and mandarine, which ones do you choose?!?!


We stopped off for lunch after the important thing was done, at the lovely Si Signore in Sydney Street, in the North Lanes. Me and my hubby discovered this place a few months ago, and it is now easily our favourite cafe in Brighton, which takes a lot since there are so many! The atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly, with the waiters showing you to your seats even in this cosy little place with stunning black and white photos covering the walls, and beautiful wooden furniture complimenting the green olive trees, making a wonderful mediterranean escape even on the foulest of coastal british days. The coffee is excellent (a big plus point for my mum!) and the food is just to die for. To be fair, I have now had the same thing twice, but it’s just so good! The chicken and mushroom baguette with italian herbs and a sprinkling of parmesan is so incredible, mum decided to join me and have the same 🙂


From there we wandered through the Lanes towards the Dome and the Corn Exchange. I’m beginning to realise the more I come to Brighton how lucky I am to have all these amazing and unique shops on my doorstep, as mum took me into places she discovered whilst looking for christmas presents, and we both cried over the stunning fabric and dresses in Get Cutie (crying both over the outfits and the prices!) But the time was getting on, and we made a beeline for the vintage fair, excited to see the wonders in store and get out of the god-awful weather. I’ve never been to the Corn Exchange before, and my breath was literally taken from me as I stepped into the foyer and saw the incredibly beautiful facade to the entrance of the main hall.


Once inside, we were instantly warmed up but the gorgeous sunshine beating through the south facing windows at the back of the hall – it got too warm in fact for our big chunky outdoors layers! It was so lovely to see so many vintage sellers and enthusiasts all in one place, it’s one thing I love most about coming to vintage fairs even if I don’t have enough money to spend anything. Another thing is just seeing some of the beautiful items on offer! One stall sold a breathtaking ivory gown that would’t have looked out of place in The Great Gatsby – I especially loved how it was accessorised to show off its beauty to the fullest. I also discovered the cutest pink 60s/70s lacy dress, with a sweet little bow a layers of frills down the skirt, it was a true gem at just £45! However, that was £45 I didn’t have, so it went back onto the rails for some other lucky person to find and love.


Apologies for the not great photo, the light was a bit weird!

The perfect ambience was added to by a group of gorgeous ladies singing fun acoustics to a group of children sitting with rapt attention, that made me smile so much! It really was the cutest thing. It was so lovely wandering around with my mum, who truth be told doesn’t quite get vintage the same way I do (the poor thing looks at some of the outfits thinking “I hated that when I was younger, I’m not going to like it now!” which I think is fair enough) but she also really enjoyed coming across the occasional piece that called out to her – unfortunately the slightly skint theme seems to be running in the family at the moment! But, we didn’t go away empty handed – we came across a stall selling bright and beautiful repro pieces called Frilly Chantilly. They had gorgeous floral circle dresses and beautiful matching petticoats, which caught my mum’s eye, but I was instantly drawn to their selection of perfect capes. I’ve been after one for ages but haven’t come across one that really captures the image I have in my head; many are too short, or too big, with material that would drown little old me. These however are the perfect shape, material and fit, and at £25 are an absolute bargain! I love it so much, and after taking this photo, was quite surprised to see my mum looking back at me!







The Vintage Housewife x


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