“They’re Real!” Mascara by Benefit

I have wanted this ever since it came out – I love Benefit make up and the design of the packaging and the lifestyle it represents, but let’s not beat around the bush, it’s not exactly the most purse friendly range. Whilst I would not be without my Fine One One lip and cheek tint, and I was certain the same would be true of this new mascara, I had to wait until I had a little surplus in cash flow before taking the plunge.

And oh my god was it worth it!!! There’s always a little thrill that goes along with buying a higher end brand such as Benefit, that luckily drowns out the sound of the sobs as you hand your card over, but this mascara goes way, way beyond a simple flash of cash statement. The tube itself is simple and elegant, and (this is going to sound really silly) I love the way the lid drops into place when you twist it closed!

The best way though is to show you how amazing this product is. I’ve got a few photos below of before and after mascara, and I will definitely join the facts and figures to say that this mascara works wonders! On your next windfall of a few extra pennies, seriously, go and buy this! If you don’t believe what I say, LOOK INTO MY EYES!!! 😉


No mascara



<With mascara                                                                    Without mascara>



With mascara



Without mascara



‘They’re real!’ 😉



The Vintage Housewife x


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