Day Out with the Boys!

My husband is very lucky to have me, and not just for my witty conversation and good cooking! He loves anything to do with planes, the wars, bikes of course, and a whole host of other typically manly interests. So any chance he gets to go to a museum or show for anything like that, he’s chomping at the bit. Recently he was planning to go to Duxford Imperial War Museum with an old friend, and whilst I was happy to let them have a boys day out, I was pretty excited when Dave remembered that I do enjoy that kind of thing too and invited me along! There’s been many a time when he’s apologised for boring me at some museum or other, and I’ve barely heard him as I’m completely absorbed in an exhibit, or off round the corner exploring some fort a bit further! 

Duxford is so amazing, and I would recommend it to those who don’t necessarily have a great interest in aircraft or wartime, as the planes they have on display range from old bi-planes to the good old Concorde! Many of the planes are open to take a look at, but the really impressive part is the way the planes are displayed hanging from the warehouse ceilings! It really is something to see large fighter planes hanging above the utterly mahoosive B-52! There’s something a little bit special and magic about planes, and Duxford gets the perfect mix of techy/historical info balanced with simple awesomeness 🙂


The Vintage Housewife x





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