Ideas Grow Here

This is so true, I love sitting down to write either a blog post, or a piece of writing towards my novel. Having a notebook to hand is a great idea, and it must be nice to look back over what you fell in love with even if you didn’t do anything with it! I really must sit myself down and get writing more often 🙂

Exchanging Postscripts

3620481a43d04559c622114fcc9b95e1 I  love writing. It’s an outlet for me to release feelings, to make my voice known when I can’t articulate my thoughts out loud and to share stories. Lookin g back on the parts of my life that were joyful or painful is a benefit for my overall growth and maturity, too.

I’d like to think I have a small ounce of talent in it as well.

This past year, I’ve started to see how beautiful the process of crafting sentences, of using language is. Our duty as writers is to portray reality through story accurately but beautifully. This is not easily done, and often not without sacrifice. Time, emotion, and vulnerability all contribute to my writing, which is honestly painful a lot of the time. But learning how to make a beautiful piece of writing is a continual process that helps us assess and understand our reality.

One of…

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2 thoughts on “Ideas Grow Here

  1. Hi I work at BBC radio WM and we’re doing something about hanging your washing out on the line to mark the first day of Spring tomorrow. Just getting in touch with housewife bloggers to see if they want to come on the radio for five mins in the morning. As your blog is called the ‘vintage housewife’ I thought you might be an advocate and do a bit of a fun piece with us! If you can give me a call on 0121 567 6018 it’d be great. Thanks

    • Hi! Thanks for the interest, but I’m afraid I’m only a housewife in title, not trade! I’ll be at work tomorrow unfortunately 😦 good luck with the show though!

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