The Mid Century Market by Bettina Scarlett Presents!

So after all the waiting and getting excited over the announcements of stalls and businesses to be at this one of a kind event, it’s already been and gone! And what a wonderful day it was – hardly a surprise, with stalls such as Scarlet’s Vintage Attire, Clumsy and Bamboo Bettie in the line up! Bettina worked so hard to make sure the atmosphere for the Mid Century Market was absolutely perfect, from the music, to the stalls and even the gorgeous pin up girls wandering around just to add extra glamour!


The Hammersmith Club really was the perfect venue, a gorgeous old building on the outside with a hint of the slightly industrial in the blackened bricks, as it was tucked away out of sight. But, this was only hiding the true beauty of the interior, with a truly gorgeous ceiling and a stage that made me wish I could have been there in it’s heyday, watching all sorts of shows and performances! The fair was spread across three areas; the main hall which also held the bar/tearoom area, an upper balcony with a gorgeous view of the vintage bustle, and a stall on the stage itself. 



After entering the venue, and taking a moment to absorb the beauty of the building, we started wandering around the stalls, listening to the funky rockabilly music played by the DJ, and being tempted by the gorgeous smells coming out of The Vintage Sisters’ Travelling Tea Rooms. There was something for everyone, from spectacular sparkling jewellery at the Hostess Hotties, to bright and colourful headscarves and tote bags at Clumsy! I walked away with a couple of headscarves myself, I’m looking forward to perfecting the cute little bow the owner had tied hers into! There was even something for the men to occupy themselves with, at Cock A Doodle Vintage selling men’s attire and Chaplin’s of London, a pop up barber shop!


As everyone rummaged and delved through the gorgeous wares on offer, there was also a womanly camaraderie in the toilets as they doubled as changing rooms! With so many beautiful pieces, no one wanted to risk the piece they fell in love with not fitting when they made it back home! Hopefully in Market’s to come there will be a little changing room space set up, but then there would be less room for stalls! A tough choice for Bettina I’m sure!

I was one of the women squeezing in and out of the toilet cubicles, as I was drawn back twice to Bamboo Bettie – visiting the stall once I had been spellbound by the beautiful printed skirts they had on offer, and the second time round the Market I couldn’t resist any longer – I had to have one of Bettie’s gorgeous circle skirts. The lovely ladies were so helpful, understanding my indecision as to which colour way to choose – black and blue or white and red?! Luckily, they recommended I try them on, and I would know which colour I had to have straight away. I didn’t even make it to try on the blue and black! The red top with the pink flowers was perfect, and the gorgeous outfit made it’s way home with me.


As always with fairs like these, I also came across a beautiful dress that I completely fell in love with, but alas was not to be. At Vera Mode Vintage (where I did happen to snap up a £5 bargain fifties style sweater) there was the most -I’ve tried typing a word here several times and just completely failed to describe it’s beauty- dress, it almost made me want to cry just looking at it. I loved the cute bow ties at the shoulder, which matched so perfectly the elegant draping of the cowl neckline, and the full length of the dress was just stunning. The cream organza with slightly metallic red stripes was simply Goodwood Revival perfect – it was that kind of a dress. And to be honest, if I’d been organised enough to KNOW I was going to Goodwood this year, I would have just bought it there and then. This dress sang and called out to me, I had to reach and touch it every time I walked past, but on the day, I had to leave her for someone else who hopefully feels the same way I do and has a suitable glorious outing to show her off. (Oh dear, I’m attached. And I’ve also found the link to the Etsy shop… someone hide my purse.)


The Mid Century Market was a wonderful day out, and really perfect for all the family. I have to say I can’t wait to have my own kids and start introducing them to this wonderful, colourful and friendly world of vintage, retro and rockabilly! Bettina is confirmed for a further Mid Century Market in August – I’ve got it in my diary, do you?!


The Vintage Housewife x