100 Days is Far Too Long…

Yesterday evening I happened to look at my WordPress app on my phone – it’s on the home screen, not like it’s hidden away or anything – and my last notification was from 104 days ago. What the Face?! So optimistically, my last post was over 100 days ago, assuming that my last notification wasn’t from someone trawling through the internet and dragging something up from even longer ago. Well that’s not ok…

I wasn’t in the best of places say, 200 days ago. At the beginning of the year, I had just watched the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Amazing film – seriously if you haven’t seen it you have to watch it. Beautiful, lovely, life-changing film. I came out crying, not at the film, but at how unhappy the film made me realise I was. I knew I wasn’t happy with my job, and had been looking elsewhere for a month or two, but this film really kicked me into realising just how and unhappy job can affect the rest of your life. People say ‘Just treat it as a job, 9-5, then focus on your hobbies.’ But that is impossible if you are so worked up about something that is upsetting you so much, how on earth can dig yourself up out of that well and shift your focus onto something that makes you happy?


Seeing Walter Mitty was the best thing I could have done. My husband of course saw how unhappy I was, and took action as much as I did. He suggested – no, insisted – that we both think of something in the UK to do or see that was bucket list material. He had recently got a fantastic new job that lifted him up and out of a pretty dark place, and suggested I apply there too. So 100 days later, we were working at the same place, had just been to Stonehenge for me, and were planning Hardknott pass in the Lake District for him. But I’ll come back to those.


Because it doesn’t stop there. Flash forward another 100 days, and here I am, wanting to get back into blogging because last night I helped my mum set up her own. I’ll share it in due course once she’s got used to it, but it was so wonderful to see how excited she was getting about the prospect of finally sharing all her amazing photographs and being able to talk about them. She could literally post a photo a day for the rest of her life now, not including all the photos she’s yet to take. And that’s all that matters – the photos. Not continuity, not whether her blog matches anyone else’s blog, that’s all it’s about – passion.

My mum entered an Instagram competition with @britain_talent to be UK photo of the day and she won with this picture of a waterspout from their lounge window!

My mum entered an Instagram competition with @britain_talent to be UK photo of the day and she won with this picture of a waterspout from their lounge window!

I’d spent far too long in my life trying to fit in without even realising it. I’ve discovered vintage in the last few years, and it has done wonders for my confidence. I wear my vintage and repro clothes to work, and I get nothing but smiles and compliments. But I definitely don’t fall in with the crowd. Dave also wears his Hawaiian shirts on dress down Friday – we are a little notorious for being some of the brightest people in the company, which is great. I’ve been working on my model page, getting Layla Rose out there and into the world, and whilst I think I’ve moved on from the idea of ‘making it’, it’s still a really exciting and wonderful scene to be a part of, and somewhere to share the photos I do have done because it is just so much fun.

My shoot with Hamilton Studios

My shoot with Hamilton Studios

My excitement and enthusiasm is growing every day – I recently finished watching Dawn O’Porter’s show This Old Thing, which encourages vintage virgins to give it a go, as well as offering some fantastic tips for vintage shopping. I felt so inspired to get more involved and make vintage even more a part of my life, that’s set off another little (well, if it works out it won’t be so little at all) project for me to work on. I even have a giant notebook! I’ve always been happiest when I’m learning, and if nothing else comes of this I’m happy to be gaining more knowledge and experience in one of the few things that has seriously got me passionate and inspired.


I’m writing so much more now – over a quarter of the way through my novel, if you go by the average of 100,000 words. I don’t have to meet that target, but it’s nice to have an idea of progress. I write in weird blocks; I’ll write a couple of chapters all at once and then nothing for months, which is a little frustrating, but hey if it works, it works. I’m really excited to get back into blogging again, I’ve been feeling so content recently that I finally feel I want to pick it back up again. 

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

So I’m sorry for the long absence my darlings, and I hope to see much more of you all again very soon 🙂

This is Major Tom to Ground Control 😉


The Vintage Housewife x


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