So the idea is

This is my Mum’s blog! One of her first posts is about the incredible Terracotta Army which she was lucky enough to visit a few years ago, and I hope I will too some day! Please keep an eye on her blog more incredible photos and the stories that go behind them 🙂

Live Love Travel Lots

to share my pictures and experiences, partly so that people actually get to see my pictures and partly so that I have something to do other than vegetate in front of the TV in the evenings. But if I’m honest mostly vanity, as I happen to think that I’ve taken some pretty good pictures over the years and it would be nice to hear some positive comments about some of them.

So here goes……

Terracotta Army

in 2011, for our 25th Wedding Anniversary we went to China. Whilst we were there we visited the Terracotta Army in Xian. It was the single most moving experience I have had whilst travelling. To walk into that room and see the army standing before you, knowing that it has stood there more than 2000 years is truly astonishing. I actually remember the news reports when it was discovered in 1974 by 3 local farmers, standing there and…

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