Every year at Shoreham Airport……..

The Shoreham Airshow is coming up in a couple of weeks, unfortunately I won’t be around to see it but here’s a little taste from my mum’s blog of what to expect if you’re in the area! This year you can expect to see double as we have both our own Lancaster and the newest addition to the Lancaster fleet across the world from Canada! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two Lancasters flying together, if you can make it to any of the shows in the UK it will be so worth it!

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they hold an Airshow. We have lived locally since I was a child so I have always been able to watch the planes from our garden. The best shots though are taken from the path along the River Adur.

Lancaster Bomber

This Lancaster Bomber flew so low down the river valley that you could see the pilot in the cockpit.


It really is something else seeing and hearing this massive machine roaring through the sky overhead. This year the Airshow has the Canadian Avro Lancaster, there are only 2 Lancasters left now and both will be in the UK this year. Maybe I will take another walk along the river and see what pictures I can get,

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