My Miracle Beauty Product

Now normally this kind of thing tends to be some kind of moisturiser or toner – something skin or anti ageing related. Whilst I do suffer from oily skin and blemishes, I haven’t managed to find my perfect treatment yet, and I’m not really a fan of putting too much onto your skin anyway. But, there is something I have discovered that I now feel I cannot live without – and believe it or not, it’s just a nail base coat.


Ok, so it still is to do with anti-ageing in theory – but both my mum and myself suffer terribly from ridged nails. When my mum was younger, she apparently had gorgeous, strong healthy nails, but then due to a health issue they began to weaken and break because of these ridges which were forming. Everyone has their beauty must have, the thing which is really important for them to maintain to keep feeling and looking good for themselves, and for my mum it was her nails. Luckily, she is in the position to be able to afford false nails and maintain them regularly – the fact that these are well known to be the last thing to be given up in a time of crisis is neither here nor there šŸ˜‰


Myself on the other hand, didn’t quite have that luxury. Growing up – yes, I admit it – I was a biter. We tried everything, gloves at night, painting the awful tasting stuff onto the nails that was available at one point, nothing seemed to work. I even remember one time when I was young my mum telling me how important nice looking nails were, that when I got a job in a shop perhaps one day, how awful it would look if I was serving customers with nails bitten down to the quick – she even demonstrated using my Tinky-Winky Teletubby toy. None of it worked, and so eventually I also found myself in a position where I could just about afford false nails for myself, and I was over the moon.

Windows Phone_20130810_001

It was a tricky start, working out what length and shape suited me best, whilst also struggling with the fact that my hubby wasn’t in the least bit convinced of my long nails. I couldn’t see how he thought my (to me) disgustingĀ bitten nails could possibly be better than my false nails, but my lovely hubby is all about looking natural. However, he could see how important it was to me that I had nice nails, and I wasn’t able to overcome my biting habit, so grew to accept them. I was loving being able to finally buy all kinds of nail varnish, quickly discovering a favourite in Essie – no surprise as that was what my nail technician used. I loved all the bright colours, and the fun names of too – Bachelorette Bash, Bahama Mama, Lapiz of Luxury to name but a fraction of the wide range available.

Windows Phone_20131103_001

But, my nail technician then went off to have a baby (which is great for her of course!) and in months following, I began to see how nice it was not to have to spend Ā£15-Ā£30 every month maintaing my nails. I was hoping that after about a year and a half with false nails meaning I wasn’t able to bite, I had kicked the habit – no such luck. As soon as the false nails came off, my ridges started splitting and I was back to being a biter. I was so upset, especially as I really felt Ā that my nails were ruining my ever developing vintage look, not to mention the money I had potential wasted on nail varnished that weren’t getting used. I tried stick on nails for special occasions, I tried painting my tiny short nails hoping that I wouldn’t bite them if they started looking nice – I was back to square one.


That was until I was despondently browsing through Essie’s range one day, and looked a little closer at their nail care range. They offered basic base coats, but there were also bases which offered intensive care in various forms. It made me think about what the problem with my nails really was – and whilst I don’t have ageing nails, I most certainly have severe ridges that need filling in, so I thought I would try my luck with fill the gap.Ā I was absolutely staggered by the instant result – I wondered at first if it was more of a nail strengthener designed to slowly pad out nails like many others available, but this literally filled in the ridges of your nails, meaning that when you paint over the colour varnish the ridges had vanished! Not only that but the strength it gives nails is amazing – in the couple of months I’ve been using this I have only had one minor split. Yes, I have to keep on top of looking after my nails just to be sure – I re-do them every few days, pushing back the cuticles and file away any sharp edges as soon as I can – but that’s probably what I should have been doing anyway!


I am so thrilled that I discovered this miracle product – because Dave is right and the natural nails do look so much better, but now they look pretty and healthy and I can play with so many different colours and ideas I’ve been dying to give a go!


The good old hole punch saver trick needs a little more practice, but not bad for a first go I think! And I’ve always wanted to give matte black nails a go! I love it!


So if anyone out there is suffering from the same troubles as me, I would without a doubt recommend this miracle beauty product. It is so worth it – thank Essie for giving me back some confidence!


The Vintage Housewife x


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